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Alexia Parks 10TRAITS

Use the Power of Masculine/Feminine Synergy to Unlock Your Full Potential

Meet award-winning entrepreneur Alexia Parks, who created a 1-page solution to the world’s biggest problem.

What’s the problem?
What’s the problem? It’s your choice: (A) How to unlock a 12 TRILLION untapped asset: the latent, untapped energy, productivity and potential that has been suppressed and polarized in both women and men. (B) How to create a harassment-free workplace in 30-days or less. (C) How to discover and release BIAS in 1-Minute. Or (D) All of the above.

The solution? 10TRAITS Gender Equality Tool. “Intuitive and easy to use, it creates a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful masculine and feminine traits, says its inventor, Alexia Parks, an award-winning entrepreneur, United Nations Mentor, and an expert on gender equality.
How does it work? It shifts the focus from gender to traits.

When power is distributed, rather than focused solely on one gender (a trait imbalanced environment), says Bob Bergman*, who spent 28 years managing strategic planning at INTEL as well as decision science, harassment will dissipate in the workplace." 10TRAITS methodology and tools can help companies gain the competitive edge by utilizing the inherent synergy in balanced trait decision making and therefore realize the benefits of a trait balanced environment.

Got a problem to solve? Take the Gender Equality test. Rate yourself. Rate others. It quickly uncovers any unconscious or hidden bias that you or others may have that can then be addressed. It also shows where the GAPS or conflicts exist between individuals or teams as they seek to align around a common goal.

We Are Smarter Together!

The Gender Equality Tool process engages the whole brain. It rapidly highlights solutions to problems through the dynamic synergy of 10 powerful masculine and feminine traits. These traits are non-binary; that is, they are complementary, opposite and equally powerful. They show that we are smarter and stronger together. Based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, this "whole brain" process offers instant access and instant benefits.

The Gender Equality Scale includes instructions on how to use specific conversation techniques to close the gap. "It can bring diverse individuals into alignment regardless of culture, religion, or time zone," says Alexia. Its uses include strengthening relationships, team-building, and improved decision-making.

It’s been said that most of our energy and skills is untapped. That our inner resources are not being properly utilized. That a life without a sense of purpose is an unlived life.

So imagine what happens when you remove the clutter of conflicts, unconscious bias, and unresolved problems from your brain. You discover that you’ve unleashed a whole new form of energy, new level of confidence that rises from the INSIDE out.

Could this be the human equivalent of Einstein’s E=MC²?

Alexia Parks developed the 1-Page tool in collaboration with Dr. Joel (Rauch) Rauchwerger M.D. a medical doctor and science scholar. Bob Bergman joined the team to create a structural framework for corporate-wide decision-making based on trait-balancing. Bob spent 28 years managing strategic planning at INTEL as well as decision science. By placing pre-selected masculine/feminine traits into a structural framework - without reference to gender - the tool can be used for trait-balancing, team-building and improved decision-making in any field of human endeavor including business, education and politics; at home, at school and in the workplace.

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